February, 2013

Sacrament posters are here!

Check out our new teaser poster! HUGE thanks to our friend Lindsay Babroski for her time and creativity! We will have these on hand at Texas Frightmare Weekend at our table, so make sure to stop by. We will have other goodies there too, so don’t miss us! Please help us get this out there to as many people as possible!

This makes me so incredibly happy! We met our goal for this campaign! We still have a ways to go to reach the final budget, but we can still accept donations on our IndieGoGo campaign at or on our website at A HUGE thank you to everyone that has helped us get this far! If you haven’t yet, please go and ‘like’ our page Sacrament – The Film!

Marilyn Burns returns to TFW courtesy of Sacrament – The Film!

Marilyn is best known for her portrayal of Sally Hardesty in the classic 1974 film The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. This milestone film literally changed the face of the horror genre forever. Marilyn can also be seen in Helter Skelter as Linda Kasabian, Eaten Alive, Boneboys and Texas Chainsaw 3D. She’s currently working on SACRAMENT from Dallas based Right Left Turn Productions

SACRAMENT follows a group of seven friends who embark on a road trip to South Padre Island for booze, bud and bonding but are derailed by a tropical storm. They find themselves seeking refuge in the quaint Texas town of Middle Spring, located in the rhinestone buckle of the Bible belt, which is in the process of hosting a huge barbecue and tent revival. Charismatic preacher Isaac Renneker and his congregation are determined to cleanse the world of sin while delivering the Good Lord’s message to their flock, and before long the kids realize that there might be more to the town’s famous barbecue than just a good spice rub.

The film is currently seeking additional funding through crowdsourcing with an IndieGoGo campaign located at

For additional information on the film or to view the unrated trailer, please visit

Sacrament Table Read 2.9.13

Sacrament Table Read 2.9.13